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  • Do Your Barn Plans Include Enough Space for Safety?

    Author Christine Barakat

    A stable aisle is a driveway, foyer and living room all in one. Because a stable aisle has busy traffic and multiple uses, a badly designed or poorly maintained aisle can be annoying and even dangerous. Whether you’re designing new barn plans or improving an existing setup, consider the following aspects of aisle-way safety as you plan:

  • Covered Round Pens - Do You Need an Indoor Riding Arena?

    Author John Stacy

    Indoor arenas: We occasionally get to ride in them, and we often think how nice it would be to have one. However, owning an indoor arena is out of the price range of most of us common horse folk.

    Interior of Indoor Riding Arena

    Sure, if you're a professional horse person you can write it off as a business expense and that might make it a do-able proposition. However, most of us simply cannot afford the price of an indoor arena. Well, not unless someone pulls our lucky lottery ticket.

    Oh well, it doesn't hurt to dream; and sometimes thinking about the impossible is a lot of fun. Let's pretend money did fall out of the sky. What kind of an arena would you build? Here are a few thoughts on different indoor riding arena options.

  • Barn fires — every horse owners’ worst nightmare.

    Author John Stacy

    Barn fires — every horse owners’ worst nightmare.  The recent months have seen an unusual increase in the number of tragic stable fires.  A March 10th barn fire near Chicago, IL, killed six horses at a small race horse farm.  A February 21st barn fire at a Michigan Thoroughbred farm killed 27 horses and sent an injured employee to the hospital. A barn fire in New Jersey in January killed 22 show horses. These are just three of the past year’s most recent horrific fire incidents. Barn fires like these are a serious cause of death and injury to horses and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage and losses.

  • Comparison of MDBarnmaster barns to pole barns

    Comparison of MDBarnmaster barns to pole barns

    Author Bruce Thomas

    Horse barns range in quality and cost from simple pipe panel loafing sheds to custom glamour barns designed to complement high end estate homes.  Most horse housing falls somewhere in between.  Buying decisions often involve consideration not only of initial cost, but also safety, maintenance and longevity.  MDBarnmaster provides the best value, safety, ease of maintenance and longevity in the horse housing industry.